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KANET Advocates for Youth Focused Trust Fund

by Haruna Gimba
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By Muhammad Amaan

The Kano Network of NGOs (KANET) has called for the establishment of a Trust Fund to solely focus on youth, providing an avenue for youth and children’s voices to be heard.

The call was made during KANET’s Quarterly Lecture Series withthe topic “Investing in Our Youth: Strategic Pathways for Sustainable Development in Kano State.”

The event held at the Africa Health Budget Network (AHBN) Conference Hall in Kano was supported by the Aminu Magashi Garba Foundation (AMGF).

The lecture series aimed to foster strategic discussions and collaborations that will pave the way for sustainable development by empowering the youth and addressing their challenges.

In his opening remarks, Chairman of KANET Steering Committee, Dr Musa Abdullahi Sufi, said youth are enthusiastic about the state’s development and will contribute significantly if given the opportunity.

He said KANET has been a platform to amplify voices for Kano citizens through non-governmental organizations and highlights the importance of sustainable endeavors since its inception.

During the event, various stakeholders were brought together to discuss and share insights on youth development. 

The event also featured two female speakers, Executive Director of the Youth Society for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Social Vices (YOSPIS), Zainab Nasir Ahmad and Speaker of the Children Parliament in Kano State, Ms Hauwa Muhammad.

Zainab Ahmad, who is also the Advocacy Coordinator of KANET, highlighted the challenges faced by youth in her presentation titled; “The Situation of Youth in Kano State and Neglect in Investing in Their Future.”

She stated that some challenges youth encounter in Kano State are linked to unemployment, drug abuse, lack of awareness, educational barriers, mental health issues, and lack of mentorship.

“To address these issues, the government and NGOs need to collaborate to provide rehabilitation centers, establish youth-focused trust funds, empower entrepreneurship, enhancing quality of education, establish and support youth-led initiatives among others,” Zainab said.

In her presentation, Hauwa Muhammad discussed on “Children Parliament: Addressing the Challenges and Opportunities for Kano’s Youth and the Way Forward.”

She covered key aspects of the children parliament, its objectives, benefits, situation analysis, challenges, opportunities, and proposed solutions.

She said that the objective behind establishing the children’s parliament was to promote children’s rights and encourage active participation in civic life.

“As many states with children’s parliaments face challenges, Kano State also deals with issues such as child labor, poor access to quality education, violence and abuse, and lack of health accessibility,” she said.

Ms Hauwa provided some of the solutions which includes; policy advocacy, community involvement, collaborations and empowerment.

The meeting emphasised that to address the challenges by leveraging available opportunities, the Kano State government and NGOs should include the children’s parliament through social protection programs, empowerment, policy advocacy, and collaborations with partners willing to improve the children’s future.

KANET is a forum and umbrella body for nongovernmental organizations in Kano State with the motto; ‘Networking For Development.’

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