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Medical practitioner advises parents to identify allergy triggers in children

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By Asmau Ahmad

An Abuja-based medical practitioner, Dr Ikzechi Chijioke, has advised parents to identify and avoid symptoms that could trigger allergies in their children. Chijioke, who gave the advice while speaking with the News men on Monday in Abuja, said that known history of asthma in a family increased the risk. According to him, allergies are hypersensitive disorder of the immune system with symptoms comprising of red eyes, runny nose, eczema, hives or an asthma attack.
Chijioke said that even though one could become allergic to something at any age, children were more likely to develop allergy than adults.
“Even if you get treatment for allergic symptoms, you still need to try and avoid your triggers.
“Common triggers include airborne allergens, outdoors at home or at work, certain foods, insecticides or medications.
“Some allergic reactions are triggered or worsened by extreme temperatures or emotional stress,’’ he explained.

Chijioke said that when trying to identify exactly what caused or worsened allergies, one should try to track all of his daily activities.

He said that when symptoms occurred, patients should write down what could help the doctor to be able to identify and take good steps to prevent and treat them.
On the causes, Chijioke said that both genes and environment played roles in allergies.
“The severity of allergies varies and can range from minor irritation to anaphylaxis, a life-threatening emergency,’’ he said.
He said that most allergies could not be cured but a number of treatments could help relieve their symptoms.

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