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Nigerians advocate increased capacity building on First Aid

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By Becky John

Participants at a two-day workshop have emphasized the need for capacity building on First Aid treatment in order to boost treatment of accident victims and other emergencies.
The participants, in an interview with the news men on Saturday in Abuja, commended the Nigeria Red Cross Society for organizing the workshop to support management of emergencies in the country.

A participant, Mr Sanya Adejokun of Economic Confidential newspaper, said the training was very useful, informative and educative. Adejokun said the training has equipped him to be more useful in his profession as a journalist who reports on emergency management.
“On the field, one can feel helpless, but with the skills I have acquired, I can assist causalities practically, thereby saving lives.
“I believe the objective is not just to report disaster but to mitigate it and that I can effectively do now’’.
“I am not just reporting the story but I can assist to save a life which is more important to me’’ Adejokun said.
Mrs Julie Sanda, another participant at the workshop, said the training has afforded her the opportunity to be able to provide first aid treatment to victims and protect them from further injury.

“ Without this training one will never know how important it is to save a life.
“As citizens, we run into all kinds of emergency situations and one needs to be ready and equipped with the basic knowledge of first aid.
“So many lives are lost needlessly and as citizens we depend on government to do everything.
“ I believe with more knowledge and training on first aid, we can be empowered to step in and save more lives.
Sanda further urged the society to recruit more people to be active volunteers in their communities all over the country.
Mr Auwal Mohammed, the Resource Coordinator, said the training was to equip the participants to learn how to give comfort and emotional support to injured persons.

He said the objective was to equip participants with basic live skills to assist causalities and to know what to do in health and emergency situations.

The resource person said accidents and sudden illnesses occur irrespective of place or time, hence the need for the comprehensive training.
He explained that minor accidents could turn into a major crisis if not handled quickly and effectively.
“ People get injured in various places and may not have access to any health facility but with the basic knowledge of first aid, one could assist by closing the gap and promoting recovery.

He said the society was synonymous with First Aid, stating that from inception, it was established to provide aid to humanity.
“ We advocate that everyone either at work places, during leisure times, in schools, or at homes should learn the skills,’’ he stated. The workshop theme is “ First Aid accessible to all,’’ with sub title “be a hero, learn First Aid to save lives.’’

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