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Presenting Dr Aminu Magashi, a proven leader for the Kano State Primary Health Care Management Board

by Haruna Gimba
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By Muhammad Sani Fagge

Fellow Facebook family members, today I want to highlight a special person who has shown unmatched dedication and proficiency in Public Health. Why is Dr Aminu Magashi Garba unquestionably the greatest candidate to lead our respected Kano State Primary Health Care Management Board? Let’s discuss it!

Over the last four years, Dr Aminu Magashi has embedded volunteer health workers in strategic primary health centres and paid their monthly stipends to support the state with additional human capital and resources.

Over the last six years, he has championed executive and legislative advocacy that led to the emergence of the Kano Health Trust Fund, Kano Private Health Institutions Management Agency, and Kano State ultra-modern specialist hospitals board.

Aminu Magashi Garba has years of expertise in healthcare management, and he brings a wealth of information to the table. He is uniquely qualified to manage and foster change because he fully understands the complex problems that primary healthcare systems must face.

2 – Visionary Leader: Aminu Magashi Garba is known for his forward-thinking ideas and innovative leadership style.

3 – Commitment to the community: Aminu Magashi Garba’s passion for enhancing our community is an example to all of us. He puts the populace’s needs first, supporting programs that advance health literacy, disease prevention, and affordable healthcare options for all socioeconomic classes. It is admirable how passionate he is about fostering a better society.

4 – Collaborative Approach: Aminu Magashi Garba’s capacity to promote cooperation and synergy among various stakeholders is one of his biggest talents. To ensure that everyone works together to achieve the shared objective of enhanced primary healthcare, he believes in developing strong connections between healthcare providers, professionals, and local communities.

5 — Transparent and Accountable: Aminu Magashi Garba firmly believes in openness and responsibility. Under his direction, the Primary Health Care Management Board will function transparently, ensuring that resources are used effectively, and everyone can access the decision-making process.

He has launched an annual health heroic award to celebrate frontline health workers as our unsung heroes.

Let’s rally behind Aminu Magashi Garba to call on the Executive Governor of Kano State, Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf to make him the Director General of the Kano State Primary Health Care Management Board.

Together, we can create a thriving community where access to high-quality healthcare is a fundamental right for everyone.

Sani Fagge writes from Kano. First posted on Facebook on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

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