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Bird Flu: Expert warns against drinking Raw Eggs

by Muhammad Sani

By Asma’u Ahmad

A physician, Dr Emmanuel Onyeka, has advised Nigerians against the habit of drinking raw eggs to prevent easy transfer of the bird flu virus to humans.

Onyeka, who is a staff of the Veterinary Services Department of the Enugu State Ministry of Agriculture, gave the advice in an interview with news men on Monday in Enugu.

He spoke against the backdrop of the recent resurgence of bird flu in parts of the country.

“Everybody should disinfect eggs bought in the market, even before cooking or frying them, to meet eating condition.

“Those in the habit of breaking and drinking raw eggs, for whatever reasons, are taking a very big risk of contracting bird flu,’’ the medical expert warned.

Onyeka said that though there were few known cases of humans contracting the disease in the country,“nevertheless, everybody should play his or her part so that the disease does not take another dimension’’ he said.

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