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CHR Nigeria develops scorecards from Integrated Supportive Supervision

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By Ndidi Chukwu

Civil Society, Community Health & Research (CHR) Initiative, has said it will use existing evidenced based findings from Nigeria’s health sector to contribute to the improvement of quality of health care both at National and State level in Nigeria.

CHR Executive Director Mohammad Inuwa, told Health Reporters in its Abuja National Office that it is working with the State Primary Health Care Development Agencies and the Ministries of Health, using existing check list from integrated Supportive Supervision (ISS). He said CHR conducts data collection as well as on-the-job training where necessary to health care providers at facility levels.

“Right now CHR is holding a session for data analysis and development of scorecard for the first quarter ISS 2014 with Sokoto team” Inuwa said at the completion of training for its ISS teams in five States, Bauchi, Jigawa, Niger, Sokoto and Kano.

He further said it is also supporting the activity from the planning meeting, training of data collectors and Monitoring and Evaluation Clarks, supporting the conduct of data collection, data entry and analysis as well as development of scorecard for Maternal, Newborn and Child health key indicators.
“We carry out validation meeting with government key relevant stakeholders as well as organizing dissemination meeting to present the finding at a larger forum using recommendations of the findings to call to action for robust and continuous advocacy process to improve the system”  he told Health Reporters when ask the relationship at a higher national level.

Recounting some of its achievements, CHR boss, said its Monitoring and evaluation tool, from ISS had been used by some state agencies, like the Malaria Control  Programme  and State Primary Health care Development Agency Sokoto, which recommended the tool to UNICEF. “it was well detailed, and the UNICEF endorsed it, that is the benefit of such collaborations” Inuwa added.

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