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Take periodic holiday for better health and stress management – Expert

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By Asmau Ahmad

Dr Samuel Umeh, an expert in stress management and stress related ailments, has advised Nigerians to take adequate rest for better health.

Ume said in an interview with the news men in Abuja on Monday that people often made the mistake of telling themselves that they were too busy to take holidays.

He said that holiday rest was especially important because of stress that arose from people’s involvement in multiple jobs to make ends meet.

“There is huge benefit in spending time away from work whenever one can; also, spending continuous time on tasks ignites a chain of reactions.

“Such reactions include stress, fatigue and negative mood which drain focus and physical and emotional resources.

“We also know that the mind is very powerful and can help with healing; so, a rested relaxed mind is able to help the body heal better.

“It is particularly counterproductive to over work the human body since the brain’s ability to keep the body disciplined diminishes with each hour of work in the course of one day.

“Entrepreneurs are often celebrated for wearing multiple hats and logging numerous hours but working without let up is a bad habit that can jeopardize the business, the health and the life you’re supposedly working towards.

“When you are constantly draining your mental resources you are not being as productive as you can be, you get depleted and your performance drops,’’ Ume said.

The stress expert emphasized that productivity was achievable only when the worker’s brain was well relaxed and energized to elicit information and creativity.

“Workers need not remain glued to their desks or laptops every working moment of the day to achieve productivity.

“Rather, they need to allow the brain some time to relax so that it can be energised, focused and organised enough to elicit productivity.

“Humans are just like smart phones; we have to be recharged or we run the risk of running out of battery,’’ he said.

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