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8 FCT healthcare workers receive awards for service to humanity

by Haruna Gimba

By Iyemah David

Eight healthcare workers in AMAC, Bwari, Kuje and Gwagwalada area councils of the FCT have received various awards for excellent service to humanity.

The ceremony was organised by the Dr Aminu Magashi Garba (AMG) Foundation, in partnership with an NGO – the Heroic Discovery and Community Development Centre (HEDCODEC) on Thursday in Abuja.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the award was to commemorate the United Nations Public Service Day.

The ceremony, by the foundation, was aimed at celebrating and encouraging the most outstanding healthcare front-liners who demonstrated and achieved great excellence in their fields of endeavour.

During at the event, the Co-ordinator of the Africa Health Budget Network (AHBN), Dr Aminu Magashi, celebrated the remarkable dedication and selflessness of eight extraordinary individuals.

“These healthcare workers have gone above and beyond their call of duty, tirelessly serving humanity and making a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals.

“In a world where healthcare is a fundamental necessity, these remarkable individuals have embraced their roles with unwavering commitment, compassion, and expertise.

“They have dedicated their lives to providing care, comfort, and healing to those in need, often in the face of immense challenges and adversity,” he said.

Magashi said that their service to humanity went far beyond the confines of their job descriptions.

“They have been the guiding light for patients and their families, offering solace during times of pain, hope during moments of despair, and unwavering support when it is needed the most,” he said.

The chairman of National Advocates for Health (NA4H), Mr Mohammed Usman, said that their acts of kindness and empathy had not only healed physical wounds but have also mended broken spirits and restored faith in humanity.

“These healthcare workers have witnessed the fragility of life, the resilience of the human spirit, and the power of compassion.

“They have stood on the frontlines, facing the most daunting of circumstances, and have emerged as beacons of hope in our communities.

“Their unwavering dedication to their profession and commitment to their patients have earned them the utmost respect and admiration.

“Let us take a moment to reflect on the impact these healthcare workers have had on the lives they have touched,” he said.

“Their tireless efforts have saved lives, brought comfort to the suffering, and instilled a sense of trust and confidence in our healthcare system,” he said.

The Executive Director of HEDCODEC, Mr Kabir Abddulsalam, said that they honoured the “exceptional individuals,” and called on Nigerians to also recognise the importance of supporting and valuing the healthcare workforce.

“They are the backbone of our healthcare system, working tirelessly day and night to ensure the well-being of our communities.

“It is our collective responsibility to provide them with the resources, support, and recognition they deserve,” Abdulsalam said.

He told the healthcare workers being honoured that their dedication, compassion, and service to humanity inspired all.

Ms Iyabo Balogun, a Family Planning Provider, Kuje PHC, one of the awardees, commended the organisers for celebrating their noble contributions to the betterment of humanity.

Balogun prayed that their stories would serve as a reminder of the difference that one person could make in the lives of many.

The United Nations Public Service Awards are also presented, to recognise outstanding contributions and achievements in public service.

The awards aim to motivate public servants and institutions to continue their efforts in promoting sustainable development, good governance and inclusive policies.

The United Nations Public Service Day serves as a platform to celebrate the essential role of public service in achieving sustainable development and encourage collaboration and innovation in public administration for the betterment of societies worldwide.

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