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CSOs call for implementation of Basic Health Care Provision Fund

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Bukola Afeni

The Representative of Civil Societies Coalition, Professor Oladapo Ladipo, has called for implementation of Basic Health care Provision Fund which will enable individuals both at the rural and urban areas to be able to have access to good quality health care services.
He made the disclosure at the Health sector media engagement in Abuja.
In his address, Professor Oladipo said Health care delivery should focus on prevention management.
“When we focus on preventing some of the diseases, we will have less work to do in the health sector. We do not have to spend much resources on treatment of diseases”.
He commended the Federal Government for launching the National Health Promotion policy recently, which will ensure that a large number of Nigerians have access to quality health care service delivery.
“The National Health Promotion policy will enable all Nigerians to have access to health care services irrespective of their location. We pledge our support to advocate for good health care facilities to the populace. We would ensure that women and children have access to good family planning services.”
Professor Oladipo also charged the government to place high importance on the health care sector.
“The health care sector in a country is a means of determining how developed the economy of the country is at a given point in time. If we look at developed economy they always prioritize health. The government is always responsible for health care management. In our country, the approach is different, we need to be proactive.”
Speaking at the event, the Minister of health, Dr Osagie Ehanire, said the implementation of the third BHCPF gateway will significantly reduce the incidence of over 30,000 women losing their lives to childbirth-related incidents, and 714,000 Under-5 children lost yearly.
“The revised Guideline for Administration, Disbursement and Monitoring of the BHCPF has been revised and approved by the National Council on Health.
It will reset implementation processes for better alignment with the National Health Act. This is the third BHCPF gateway, which addresses a serious weakness in our health system, which makes no provision for physical and financial access to First Aid and healthcare, in case of life threatening emergencies of any type.”

“Some experts estimate that if Nigerians had access to First Aid, Ambulance transport and urgent medical care in emergencies, up to 60% of maternal, Under 5 child and crash related lives could be saved.”
Ehanire added that despite disruption by the covid19 pandemic, progress has been made in the health sector.
“Covid19 itself emphasized the need and provided opportunity to strengthen our health System, and assure better coordination among the component institutions, and along all tiers of government. We are focusing on systems
strengthening. We are improving our synergy with partners, civil society organisations and stakeholders”.

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