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UN kickoff new campaign to boost global action to reach SDGs

by Haruna Gimba

By Haruna Gimba

The United Nations (UN) kicked off a new campaign on Wednesday to turbocharge the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the roadmap for people and planet adopted by world leaders in 2015.  

Ahead of the critical SDGs Summit in September, the campaign will amplify an urgent call for ambitious new action, showcase the Goals as the blueprint for sustainable progress globally, and mobilize people everywhere around this shared agenda for our common future.

Halfway towards the 2030 deadline, the promise of the SDGs is in danger. For the first time in decades, progress on development has gone into reverse due to the combined impact of climate disasters, conflict, economic downturn, and lingering COVID-19 effects.  

The SDGs Summit will bring world leaders together at UN Headquarters in New York on 18-19 September to reaffirm their collective commitments to the Goals and the promise to leave no one behind.

It’s being billed as a defining moment to urgently put the world back on track to achieving the SDGs. 

Getting everyone on board 

One core campaign component is the call for individual action worldwide on the SDGs through the UN’s ActNow initiative. 

“We want to get everyone on board for the SDGs,” said Nanette Braun, Director of Campaigns in the UN Department for Global Communications. “Our hope is that decision-makers and individual citizens alike will feel inspired to join the conversation and contribute to achieving the Goals with new resolve and ambition.”   

Starting today, in a major digital activation across platforms and countries worldwide, the UN campaign aims to re-energize the conversation about the Goals. 

A curated group of high-profile influencers from entertainment, sports and beyond, the Circle of Supporters, will mobilize their social media communities with a combined reach of more than 80 million globally. 

Some of the names lending their support are Grammy award winner Ciara, Academy Award winner Michael Douglas, and former captain of the Argentinian national football team, Javier Zanetti. 

From advocating for public transport, to fundraising for schools or speaking up for equality, the platform lists steps that everyone can take to accelerate progress on the SDGs and create better lives on a healthier planet for all.

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