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Expert advocates researches into Prostrate Cancer to curb mortality rate

By Asmau Ahmad

A professor of clinical chemistry, Prof. Oluyemi Akinloye, on Monday called for more researches into prostate cancer in order to curb mortality rate and reduce the burden of the disease.

Akinloye, who is a lecturer in the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Idi-Araba, made the call in an interview with new men in Lagos.

“There is not a single national survey yet, but we have published some data from University College Hospital; from some very scanty data from the East.

“But some of this information are still not standardized.

“So, it will be very appropriate for me to say that we don’t have a validated data for the incidence of prostate cancer in Nigeria.

“Specifically with prostate cancer, even though the same thing is with most of the other cancers, there is a lot of genetic diversity.

“Genetic make-up is completely different from the Caucasians and most of the information we have currently is from the developed world, from the Caucasians.

“And for us to have a complete understanding of the pathogenesis of the problem, to be able to address we need to look at it globally because it is a global problem really.”

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